Broadpeak Consulting’s Technology Practice helps organizations implement technology from defining business requirements right down to assuring quality.

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Broadpeak Consulting delivers a comprehensive range of implementation services; from expert guidance to complete execution. Our implementation services combine the expertise, tools, and methodologies to accelerate implementations, transfer knowledge, and continuously improve your business.

The market place is becoming extremely competitive and if your organization is not effective and efficient in the way it operates, it will find difficult to compete and survive. Technology is the backbone of the business model and acts as a nerve center, connecting as well as responding to business needs and customer requirements. To effectively operate, the organizations should define and implement a technology framework capable of driving their performance into the future.

By virtue of its pivotal role, it is important that technology selection and implementation is not treated as an IT department specific role but a strategic initiative that impacts the way an organization operates. Technology selection and implementation should not be considered after setting up strategic direction of the business, but rather be treated as a torch bearer to direct the strategic management team, identifying ways in which it could be used as a strategic differentiator and not merely an enabler of the operating model.

Once a technology solution has been selected, it is important that all parties involved in the implementation – vendor, implementers and organization– plan and execute the exercise in most practicable manner. It is not unusual that huge endeavors  fizzle out or turn out to be a complete fiasco in terms of delivering the return on investment (RoI). Some of the most common reasons for failures, that has come to light, are as follows:

  • Business requirements of the organization were not being understood by implementers
  • Implementation strategies were not defined at the outset and followed subsequently
  • Organization not able to manage the implementers effectively
  • Inexperienced implementation team was deployed by the implementers
  • Effective change management did not take place
  • Data migration was not managed effectively from the outset.

The following diagram shows how various aspects of the technology implementation are linked, and which service could be provided by Broadpeak Consulting to address the challenge identified above.

Our Services

The following diagram shows how various aspects of the technology implementation are linked, and what services are provided by Broadpeak Consulting to address the challenges identified above:

Technology Diagram

We offer, through our alliances and partnerships, the following Technology Services:

Functional and Technical Requirement: Broadpeak Consulting assists organizations to define the functional and technical
requirements based on their needs and plans, rather than accumulating business requirements from different user groups without effectively evaluating them. This is done primarily based on the process model of the industry in which the organization operates and by engaging its management to fully understand their requirements and preferences.

Solutions Framework: Broadpeak Consulting utilizes the documented Business Requirements to define a Solution Framework (Conceptual Level) which identifies key application types that should be deployed as part of the overall solution, high level data flow and key integration points amongst applications.

Application Selection: Broadpeak Consulting also facilitates the application selection exercise by short listing the solutions and vendors based on the functional and technical requirements, solution framework and criteria agreed with the management of the organization.

Solution Implementation: Broadpeak Consulting also assist organizations, through its alliances and partnerships, implement ERPs like SAP R3 and reporting tools like BI.

Project Management: Broadpeak Consulting also assists organizations set up and operate a project management function to ensure the implementation process is on track with respect to cost, time, and above all, quality.

Change Management: Broadpeak Consulting also assist organizations to manage the transition from the existing environment to the To-Be environment by engaging the end users at various levels, thus enhancing solution acceptability and reducing resistance to change.

Quality Assurance: Broadpeak Consulting assists the implementation process by providing  quality assurance required to ensure that  the To-Be processes, performance reporting framework and design, are implemented in line with the pre-defined business requirements.


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