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Broadpeak Consulting’s Process Improvement Practice helps you manage the enterprise wide business processes by helping you design and implement effective and efficient  processes.

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Broadpeak Consulting’s Process Improvement practice helps organizations across different industries  define their processes, keeping in view leading practices and ground realities.

Business Processes, if defined and implemented properly, enable organizations to perform in line with their business model, business strategy, industry norms and leading practices, while ensuring that risk and compliance related aspects are appropriately addressed.

Processes are continually improved within an organization, however this should be a key aspect of management activity at the time of:

  • Setup or transformation of an organization
  • Implementation of an ERP application

Organization Setup or Transformation: It is important to ensure that the critical aspects of the business are operating effectively once the organization starts its business.

One of the key aspects of the organization setup is definition of the processes, that should be carried out methodically to ensure that the:

  • Process model enables the pre-conceived business model and are not a set of activities which represent processes that are not fully integrated;Process Model is scalable to quickly handle the envisaged expansion or unplanned downturns, and
  • Process Model has built in checks and balances to ensure that it complies with the internal audit and regulatory requirements.
  • The same principles apply when the organization is transforming its business.

ERP Implementation: Implementation of an enterprise wide application offers opportunities to introduce improvements in  efficiency and cost optimization. These opportunities are lost if:

  • Existing processes are not evaluated effectively, leading to mapping existing processes into the new environment along with the inefficiencies of the existing environment
  • Standard ERP functionality is implemented, that may not necessarily represent the business needs of the organization.

In order to address these aspects, Broadpeak Consulting has developed leading practice based industry centric process models to facilitate quick identification of gaps, definition of To-Be  processes and their subsequent implementation.

Our Services

The following shows, what services can be provided by Broadpeak Consulting to address the challenges identified above:


Process Improvement

Current State Assessment: Broadpeak Consulting starts this assessment by conducting an assessment of processes to develop an understanding of the state of the business processes across the organization and to identify improvement opportunities. This is done by comparing them with leading practices, industry norms and organization specific business realities. The confirmed improvement opportunities represent a base line against which all future design and implementation related activities are carried out.

This phase is only applicable in the case of organizations that are undergoing a transformation exercise, be it an implementation of an ERP or an assessment of current business practices.

Development of To-Be Process Model: To-Be or future state process maps describe which activities are to be performed in what sequence. This is defined, to address the improvement opportunities, identified during the current state assessment. This is based on leading practices, applicable to the related domain and industry.

Development of To-Be Policies: These are defined to reflect the adoption of the business model and strategy or, in the case of an existing business, any improvement opportunity identified during the current state assessment of an organization.

Development of To-Be Policies and Procedures Manual:  Based on the agreed To-Be or future state policies and processes, a policies and procedures manual is developed, which is easy to understand and implement.

Development of Authorities Matrix: A detailed operational and financial authorities matrix is developed, keeping in view the To-Be or future state policies and process model and delegation ethos of the organization.

Functional Requirement Definition: Based on the defined processes, Broadpeak Consulting develops a functionalrequirement document. This can be used to undertake an ERP selection exercise and its implementation. As this document is prepared, after undertaking the process re-definition exercise, it will truly represent the future business requirements and not just an accumulation of requirements based on the current operations of the organization.

Implementation Assistance: Broadpeak Consulting provides assistance not only for technology implementation but also for that of To-Be process model. Typically, we provide:

  • Quality Assurance Service to ensure that the design, agreed with the organization is implemented; and
  • Super users / End users are trained.


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