We work alongside the client management & executives at all levels, to develop and implement solutions for sustainable results.

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The market place is becoming extremely competitive and if your organization is not effective and efficient in the way it operates, it will find it difficult to compete and survive.

In order to enable you to respond to your business challenges, Broadpeak Consulting has been formed. Our industry specific ‘Panel of Experts’ and specialized team together bring diverse and deep experience to every engagement. We work alongside the client management & executives at all levels, to develop and implement solutions for sustainable results. We bring over 20 years of experience into all our engagements, providing the best solutions for your business needs.

Following are our focused industries and the challenges faced by them:


As a result of the considerable changes that have taken place in the business environment in terms of globalization, increased competition, new technology and customer values, it has become a necessity to implement practices which have a strategic perspective towards decision making.

Broadpeak Consulting helps the organizations in this industry in overcoming the following challenges:

  • Difficulties in benchmarking competitive strategies against key operators
  • Quantifying of key retail trends and accurately predicting future opportunities
  • Assessing the growth potential and challenges in front
  • Difficulty in understanding the key issues in the global market, for proactive measures
  • Hurdles in increasing of operational efficiency and minimizing of wastage of resources
  • Striving to be ahead of competitors in the technology race


Organizations in the telecom industry face a number of challenges as market saturation, slow uptake of new services, and the economic downturn increase pressures to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Following are few of the management problems faced by this industry:

  • Business Strategy is not fully understood and inconsistently implemented
  • Different factors are being monitored by different members of the management team and hence a disparity emerges between what is strategic and what is not
  • It is difficult to monitor the progress made with respect to priorities
  • Lack of return maximizing services, which is a source of strategic advantage over its competitors
  • Difficulty in measuring performance based on information from incongruent systems and processes
  • Budgeting is a yearly exercise and is not aligned to the business strategy
  • Lack of employee focus on issues that matter due to lack of effective compensation

Let Broadpeak Consulting help you overcome the above and give you a strategic jump ahead against all.


As people have become more mobile the Education industry faces new challenges.

Education industry is required to deliver culturally appropriate curricula to diverse audiences in a timely manner as well as with tight budgets. Broadpeak Consulting delivers cost effective and highly efficient solutions to the managements, by engaging its industry experts.

We are committed to improve the education industry’s performance, by offering support on overcoming following challenges:

  • Internal management issues
  • Lack of accurate and well informed strategic planning
  • Gaps in areas of budgeting, staffing, and governing structure of the organization
  • Restricted growth and change within the organization
  • Problems in management of relationship with government, private sector and with their target communities.
  • Un-successful articulation between issues of internal and external management.


Healthcare industry faces drastic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory requirements. Broadpeak Consulting works with healthcare companies to deliver better value services and increase efficiency of their operating systems.

We strive to contribute to real and sustainable performance improvement for our healthcare industry clients, by offering support on overcoming following challenges:

  • Identifying the right strategic direction
  • Current State assessment and shift towards To-Be state
  • Difficulty in costs reduction
  • Governmental regulatory changes implementation
  • Technology implementation across all areas
  • Development of procedures and policies based on best practices


Manufacturing industry has increased reliability on outsourcing tremendously over the past decade. Not just this, the globalization effect is maximum on this industry as compared to other industries. These factors have given life to lots of issues including weaker supply chains, inefficient change management and lower quality standards.

We are committed to support the players of this industry in overcoming the following challenges:

  • Under pressure strategic activities due to high intensity of globalized competition
  • Stagnant processes with unrealized potential for continuous improvement
  • Delayed Identification of Errors due to the pressure of getting the products to markets
  • Inflexible and Delayed Reporting system
  • Analysis of quality-related information not given the importance
  • Nonconformance and Noncompliance of tracking procedures
  • The absence of systematic quality audits to assess suppliers’ compliance levels
  • High cost-of-poor-supply-quality (COPQ) percentages due to poor accountability and lack of business discipline.

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